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Q05. What types of hair are available?

A05. All hair is ordered specifically for the client, and is only available in 100% Human Hair. Human hair is the best choice for your hair extensions, being that it is identical to the look and feel of your own natural hair. We use only superior quality human hair, and can provide two types 100% Indian Remy and 100% European. Both are long lasting and durable for the term of wearing your extensions, although there is a price difference. Beware of salons claiming to only provide European hair, but are actually casting off lower grade hair to unknowing clients. Don't be fooled, European hair is like silk and it is tangle free. Unfortunately it is running out, so is very costly. You will know if it is European by the price. Human hair is available in various styles: straight, natural wave, deep wave, and spiral curl.

Please note: All of the human hair has been treated root to tip.

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